Laws & Taxes

Laws & Taxes


Gov. Peter Shumlin has signed S. 260, a bill designed to improve regional and town energy planning and to enhance community input into the siting of energy projects.


Gov. Peter Shumlin today announced the completion of a 500 kilowatt solar net metering project at the Southern State Correctional Facility, the fifth of seven state correctional facilities to be powered by solar.

Joint Committee on Tax Credits meeting August 19

As administrator of the Housing Tax Credit program, VHFA allocates credits to specific projects in accordance with Vermont's Qualified Allocation Plan, which is approved and signed by the Governor. The advisory Joint Committee on Tax Credits reviews and adopts allocation policies and reviews VHFA's performance.

Sanders & Schakowsky Plan Tackles Wealth Inequality With Estate Tax Reform

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) today introduced legislation to increase estate tax rates on the top three-tenths of one percent of Americans who inherit more than $3.5 million, while eliminating loopholes that have allowed the wealthiest Americans to avoid billions in taxes. Sanders said the legislation was needed to reduce the massive gap between the very rich and working class Americans

Gov. Shumlin Signs Historic Education Reform Bill to Boost Quality & Address Rising Property...

Gov. Peter Shumlin signed into law today an historic education reform bill to help ensure educational quality for all Vermont students while bending the cost curve on education spending to address Vermonters’ calls for property tax relief.


At Blodgett Supply in Montpelier today, Rep. Peter Welch met with a broad cross-section of Vermont energy efficiency leaders to outline his efficiency priorities for the new Congress and learn about the latest energy efficiency innovations in Vermont. The roundtable discussion comes on the heels of House approval this week of Welch-authored energy efficiency legislation which President Obama will soon sign into law.


This afternoon, the U.S. House of Representatives approved bipartisan energy efficiency legislation authored by Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT) and Rep. David McKinley (R-WV).  President Obama is expected to sign the bill into law

Gov. Shumlin Signs Two Housing Protection Bills into Law

Gov. Peter Shumlin today marked the anniversary of the federal Fair Housing Act by signing two housing protection bills into law and declaring April Fair Housing Month. The first bill, H.123, ensures mobile home parks are safely maintained and abandoned mobile homes can be dealt with fairly and expeditiously. Also enacted today was H.256, which corrects and confirms protections against retaliation for exercising fair housing rights.

Sunshine Week Guest Column From Senator Patrick Leahy: Building A Stronger Democracy Through Government...

Sunshine Week is a time to celebrate one of our nation’s most basic values, the public’s “right to know.” Our very democracy is built on the idea that our government should not operate in secret. James Madison, a staunch defender of open government, whose birthday we celebrate each year during Sunshine Week, wisely noted that for our democracy to succeed, people “must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives.” Transparency enables the American people to hold their government accountable

In Lead-Up to Senate Debate On Anti-Trafficking Legislation, Support Builds For Efforts To Protect...

As the Senate prepares to consider legislation to combat human trafficking as soon as next week, Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) is urging lawmakers to support meaningful legislation to prevent vulnerable youth from becoming targets of trafficking and sexual exploitation

Gov. Shumlin Statement on Legislative Session

Gov. Peter Shumlin issued the following statement as the Legislature worked to wrap up early session efforts in advance of Town Meeting week. “I want to thank the House and the Senate, and especially Speaker Smith and Senate Pro Tem Campbell, for the hard work so far this session

Public comment solicited on draft property tax exemption legislation

Montpelier, Vermont - December 9, 2013 - (RealEstateRama) -- The special interim Property Tax Exemption Study Committee has draft legislation that would make statutory changes to property tax exemptions for certain nonprofits. The hearing will be held in the State House on Monday, December 16th at 1:00 pm in Room 11.

Public comment solicited on draft property tax exemption legislation at meeting Dec. 16

MONTPELIER - November 22, 2013 - (RealEstateRama) -- The special interim Property Tax Exemption Study Committee has draft legislation that would make statutory changes to property tax exemptions for certain nonprofits. The hearing will be held in the State House on Monday, December 16th at 1:00 pm in Room 11

Governor Shumlin Announces $2 Million in Downtown Tax Credits

MORRISVILLE - July 24, 2013 - (RealEstateRama) -- Gov. Peter Shumlin announced the allocation of nearly $2 million in tax credits to support about $18 million in building improvements and investment to help revitalize Vermont’s downtowns and community centers. Competitively awarded by the Downtown Development Board, this year’s tax credits went to 31 projects in 20 communities.

Governor Shumlin signs law to strengthen Vermont’s downtowns

RUTLAND - June 3, 2013 - (RealEstateRama) -- Gov. Peter Shumlin today signed a bill into law that improves the state’s Downtown, Village Center, and Neighborhood Designation programs, as well as reducing the cost to develop new housing in and around designated villages and downtowns. In addition, the new law improves blighted properties

Online Tool Makes It Easier for Landlords to Comply with Vermont’s Lead Law

WASHINGTON, D.C. - January 28, 2013 - (RealEstateRama) -- The Vermont Department of Health has developed a free online service that will make it easier for owners and managers of pre-1978 rental housing to comply with essential maintenance practices mandated by the Vermont Lead Law.

Governor Douglas proclaims April “Fair Housing Month” in Vermont

MONTPELIER, Vt. - April 15, 2010 - (RealEstateRama) -- Gov. Jim Douglas has signed a proclamation designating April as “Fair Housing Month” in Vermont.

Welch supports, House passes unemployment benefit extension, First-Time Homebuyer Credit

Washington, DC - November 5, 2009 - (RealEstateRama) -- Rep. Peter Welch on Thursday voted to provide an additional 14 weeks of unemployment benefits to those hit hardest by the recession and to extend the popular First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit until the end of April.



MONTPELIER, VT - April 28, 2009 - (RealEstateRama) — The recession hasn’t made finding affordable housing for average Vermonters any easier, according to a new report released today.


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