New poll shows massive public support for wind power in Vermont: Support goes up when it’s in the neighborhood


WASHINGTON, D.C. – February 27, 2013 – (RealEstateRama) — A new poll released today by the Castleton Polling Institute continues to show overwhelming public support for building renewable wind energy turbines on Vermont ridgelines. Further, the poll indicates that support for wind among Vermonters does not drop off when the question is asked about building a wind project “in your community.”

In fact, the support for building wind actually increased from 66 percent to 69 percent when the question was specifically asking about wind power being developed in your community.

“Wind power in Vermont is clean, safe and abundant,” said Paul Burns, executive director of the Vermont Public Interest Research Group. “It’s no wonder that support for wind remains so strong, despite the extreme rhetoric from groups like Energize Vermont and Vermonters for a Clean Environment.”

“It’s pretty clear that people see right through the false claims of the professional wind opponents,” he added. “I think Vermonters know that developing wind and other local renewable energy sources is good for our economy and good for the planet too.”

The support for wind crosses all major demographic lines according to the poll. Among men, women, Republicans, Independents, Democrats, college educated or not, and across all household income categories, general support for building wind projects in Vermont only ranged from a low of 63 percent to a high of 71 percent. Actual opposition to wind averaged just 19 percent.

“This really should put an end to the question of where Vermonters stand on wind. They absolutely, unequivocally want more wind built in Vermont,” said Burns.

Meanwhile, the Senate Natural Resources and Energy Committee continues to mark up a bill that could effectively put a halt to wind development in Vermont. A vote on the anti-wind bill could come as soon as tomorrow.

”Obviously, this poll is a timely reminder of just how out of step the supporters of anti-wind legislation are with most Vermonters. This is the time when we should look to Vermont’s leaders to promote actual solutions to our energy needs, not retreat from the state’s commitment to popular clean energy goals,” Burns concluded.

For more information about the poll, please go to the Castleton Polling Institute:


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